IT Strategy and Transformation

 Our IT Strategy and Transformation solutions help company reduce costs and increase business value through an IT strategy that enables continuing      stability and growth and value creation.
  We ensure you align IT with business vision, improve your IT delivery mechanism and enhance productivity across the board.

Accelerated IT Solutions:

  We ensure accelerated IT solutions offering through integration of collaboration. The speed of change inside and outside of company is accelerating at high      rate. Companies need to respond faster and better, and the answer would seem to be agile, swift and efficient decision-making.
 In response to increasing globalization and competition, we help our clients to focus on improving customer insight and experience, optimizing      performance, leveraging IT assets and providing a value enhancing solutions.
  We develop innovative solutions that capitalize on IT technology and draw upon a unique combination of company business and information technology      capabilities.


Application Outsourcing

We provide custom application development and maintenance services.

Our application delivery model is well equipped to help company maximize the value creation. The companies can leverage our expertise in a range of technical skills, deep domain understanding as well as comprehensive solutions offering to:

  Significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  Lower risks and increase predictability.
  In-time release of new programs and enhancements.
  Project portfolio management and optimization.
  Improve knowledge management through tool-based solutions.
  Align changes with ever changing industry trends.
  Application Maintenance.
  Level 2, 3 and 4 support.
  24x7 production and release support.

Our expertise spans across Microsoft Technologies, Linux, Open Source, J2EE, Java, Oracle, SAP, Mainframes, and several other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.


Financial Services:

Innovative service offerings and next generation e-delivery model to serve the financial services industry. We offer:

 Banking Services Risk Management: A unique banking risk management frameworks, to help banks roll-out bug free software customer specific products      through innovative software solutions to strengthen bank value.
  E-Enabled Insurance Services Management: Developing next generation insurance solutions services to transform traditional insurance companies into
     e-enabled customer focused company.
  B2B Insurance Portal.
  B2C Insurance Portal.
  Proposal Tracking System.
  Claim Management System.

Media & Entertainment:

Our technology innovation framework helps clients in developing the extra-ordinary offerings. Our offerings are world leading and innovative product and services. We offer:

  Media Transformation Platform: Transforming black and white media into a colorful offering in new digital format through our integrated program of systems      and processes.
  Digital Content Management: Adapting an approach to harness digital content library and its service management.

Consumer Products and Services:

Our solutions translate company strategies into sustainable performance improvement and value creation. We offer:

  New Generation Solutions: Implementing a comprehensive information technology strategy to achieve better services management.
  Innovation and Consumer Engagement: Bringing products and services to market faster and more successfully, while building and increasing consumer      loyalty.
  Integration and Collaboration: Creating a strong relationship with traders, vendors, and suppliers to optimize product rollout throughout the value creation      chain.
  Optimization of the Core Business: Improving the processes and technologies that support your company's operational excellence.
  Business Analytics Information: Making strategic business decisions based on reliable date and information. Look inside data and to develop a focused      plan for each product and services.

Distribution and Transportation:

Our solutions help you in streamlining logistics for efficient distribution and transportation. We offer:

 Transport Management Systems: Maximizing the efficiency of transportation network to reduce operational costs, enhancing customer experience and      improving service.
  Warehouse Management Systems: Integrate your existing IT systems to optimize the flow of goods.
  Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Mapping resources to respond rapidly to ever changing customer needs.
  Public Transportation: Managing complex transportation systems and network while providing enhanced travel experience.


Every business requires an infrastructure to support its customers and operations. This includes facilities, equipment, and processes to support all the functional areas of your business. Choosing the correct infrastructure to match your business strategies enables your operations to run efficiently. Conversely, if an element of your infrastructure is out of sync with your strategies, you will likely feel the pain in every aspect of your business.

Here's an example. If your value proposition is to provide the highest level of customer service for premium products, then your infrastructure should include processes to deliver quick and responsive service, including live chat, self-service tools, and quick turnaround on questions and orders. I addressed strategies for value propositions earlier, in "What's the Value Proposition of Your Ecommerce Company?"

If your value proposition is to provide the lowest prices every day, then your infrastructure should be focused being the low cost provider. You can accomplish this in various ways, but you need to ensure that your cost of goods sold and overhead expenses - which include infrastructure costs - are as low as possible.

Typically, ecommerce businesses try to maintain a high degree of flexibility in their infrastructure to keep fixed costs low and to be able to react quickly to market changes or competitive pressures. A key infrastructure decision is whether to outsource or manage operations in house.

Most ecommerce businesses are small, with fewer than 25 employees. If you look at all the functional areas of the business that must be managed on a daily basis, it will be hard to find and afford an in house staff with all the skills required be successful. When deciding on your business infrastructure and operations, be sure to evaluate what your core strengths are. Know what you do well and know what you do not do well. They are equally important. Look to outsource part time activities or ones that require high levels of skill or specialization.

Here are seven important infrastructure decisions that ecommerce businesses face.

Oil & Gas

Fluctuating prices, fast changing processes and regulatory requirements are rapidly transforming the oils & gas, energy and chemicals industry. We offer:

  Transformation Services Management: Keeping in-tune with evolving market by fine-tuning operations across the value chain.
  Improving Operational Excellence: Implementing and enhancing operational processes to and boost production efficiency.

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