QETCC is also present in the natural gas sector, which complements its profile as an energy company,studying participation in various distribution and transportation companies both local and abroad. QETCC seeks to occupy a strong position in the Oil and Gas Market and all marketing segments. As custodian of Qatar's oil and gas resources, QETCC is entrusted with the responsibility to develop and add value to the nation's hydrocarbon resources. Through our exploration and production (E&P) subsidiary, we have developed capability as a hands-on operator with a track record of successful oil and gas developments.It also examines pipeline expansion projects and distribution networks to ensure access to this source of energy.

Fluctuating prices, fast changing processes and regulatory requirements are rapidly transforming the oils & gas, energy and chemicals industry. We offer:

  Transformation Services Management: Keeping in-tune with evolving market by fine-tuning operations across the value chain.
  Improving Operational Excellence: Implementing and enhancing operational processes to and boost production efficiency.

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