Financial Services

Innovative service offerings and next generation e-delivery model to serve the financial services industry. We offer:

  Banking Services Risk Management: a unique  banking risk management frameworks, to help banks roll-out bug free software customer specific products      through innovative software solutions to strengthen bank value.
  E-Enabled Insurance Services Management: Developing next generation insurance solutions services to transform traditional insurance companies into
     e-enabled customer focused company.
  B2B Insurance Portal.
  B2C Insurance Portal.
  Proposal Tracking System.
  Claim Management System.

Media & Entertainment

Our technology innovation framework helps clients in developing the extra-ordinary offerings. Our offerings are world leading and innovative product and services. We offer:

  Media Transformation Platform: Transforming black and white media into a colorful offering in new digital format through our integrated program of systems      and processes.
  Digital Content Management: Adapting an approach to harness digital content library and its service management.

Consumer Products and Services

Our solutions translate company strategies into sustainable performance improvement and value creation. We offer:

   New Generation Solutions: Implementing a comprehensive information technology strategy to achieve better services management.
  Innovation and Consumer Engagement: Bringing products and services to market faster and more successfully, while building and increasing consumer       loyalty.
  Integration and Collaboration: Creating a strong relationship with traders, vendors, and suppliers to optimize product rollout throughout the value creation       chain.
   Optimization of the Core Business: Improving the processes and technologies that support your company's operational excellence.
  Business Analytics Information: Making strategic business decisions based on reliable date and information. Look inside data and to develop a focused       plan for each product and services.

Distribution and Transportation

Our solutions help you in streamlining logistics for efficient distribution and transportation. We offer:

 Transport Management Systems: Maximizing the efficiency of transportation network to reduce operational costs, enhancing customer experience and      improving service.
  Warehouse Management Systems: Integrate your existing IT systems to optimize the flow of goods.
  Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Mapping resources to respond rapidly to ever changing customer needs.
  Public Transportation: Managing complex transportation systems and network while providing enhanced travel experience.

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